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Dust Cleaning

One of the most annoying things about urban cities especially Metro’s in India, is the dust.
The Air Quality Assessment, Emissions Inventory & Source Apportionment Studies for Mumbai, carried out by the Central Pollution Control Board and National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), show that the particulate matter from paved & unpaved road dust and construction put together accounts to the largest source (close to 40%) of particulate matter. (Source:
Massive construction, rebuilding of roads and general road dust is main source of dust in your house. Dust that just float in the air that sits on your gadgets, furniture and windows etc. Your domestic help assists you in dusting and keeping such items clean. What about the dust that settles inside your sofa and beds? Isn’t it a BIG concern? Just sit back and relax. Germiclean has come up with yet another helpful service for you “EXPRESS SANITIZATION” which will make your beds and sofa dust free. AMC of 2 service for just Rs. 4800/-* 

* includes 2 double mattress, 1 five seater sofa, 3 Long Curtain, and 4 Window Curtain. Additional item will be charged separately. 

* price excluding taxes

  • Specialised Machines.

    Specialised Machines.

    Allergens wont find way to flow out.
  • Pecaeful Sleep

    Pecaeful Sleep

    Your family sleeps better knowing your bed is Dust Free.
  •  Quilt & Pillows

    Quilt & Pillows

    Important to clean them too
  • Watching TV & Muching

    Watching TV & Muching

    Another place where you spend lot of time
  • Say Hi to Dust Mites. This is how they look!

    Say Hi to Dust Mites. This is how they look!

    Mattress dust zoomed at 100 times.